Brent Angeline – Résumé Endwell, NY 13760
(570) 553-2490


1999–Present Endwell, NY
Web Developer and Screenwriter
  • Authored Momentum Science Fiction Feature Screenplay
  • Developed Internet Operating System Utilizing a Web-Based Application Server
  • Developed for the Investment Firm Cheevers, Hand & Angeline, Inc.
  • Developed for a Client for Online Demonstration and Retail of Magic Card Tricks

2005–Present interos LLC Binghamton, NY
Founder, President, CEO, and CTO
2004–2005 RadioShack Endicott, NY
Sales Associate (Part-Time)
  • Fully RadioShack Certified

1999–2001 IBM Global Services (IGS) Endicott, NY
  • Duties:
    • Site Maintenance (Removal, Creation and Updating of Web Pages)
    • Implementing Web Site Standards for Compliance, Including Accessibility Standards
    • Web Graphics Design
    • Running Link-Checking Bots
    • Calling Clients Regarding Site Content
    • Writing HTML and JavaScript
    • Implementing Java Programs

IT Consultant
  • Provided the Following Services for Cheevers, Hand & Angeline, Inc. and Others:
    • Building Multiple Customized PCs
    • Maintaining Computer Systems / Providing Backups
    • Selecting and Purchasing PCs, Software and Peripherals
    • Setting Up Internet Access / Internet Usage Training
    • Training in Software Usage
  • Taught Imaging Software to Union-Endicott High School Computer Graphics Teacher, Lynn Kozuboski, and Selected Hardware / Software to be Used by Students
  • Developed Three Three-Hour Multimedia Presentations for Bronsky Orthodontic Group: Two College-Level Presentations for Continuing Education for Dental Hygienists and One Higher-Level Presentation for Area Dentists


Binghamton University 8/04–Present Binghamton, NY
  • Currently Taking a Graduate-Level Class in Entrepreneurship

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 8/99–1/01 Troy, NY
  • Major: Electronic Media, Arts and Communication, 3.0+ GPA

Union-Endicott High School, Endicott NY
  • Graduated 1999 with Honors in Advanced Placement Classes
  • National Merit Scholarship Commendation, SAT of 1430


Web Development
  • Web Site Design, Development, Deployment and Hosting Utilizing:
    • Web Graphics Design
    • JPEG and GIF89a Optimization
    • CGI Programming (in C / C++)
    • JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets
    • Complex Tables and Frames
    • Server-Side Includes
    • Java
    • BSD UNIX / Linux
    • Apache Web Server with SSL for HTTPS
    • Windows NT / 2000 Server IIS (Internet Information Services)
  • Building and Implementing Powerful, Flexible, Stable, Secure and Scalable Servers Utilizing Inexpensive PC Hardware and Free UNIX / Linux Solutions

  • Built a Dual-Processor BSD UNIX Web Server / Web-Based Application Server
  • Built a Dual-Processor Graphics Workstation from Individually Selected Components Purchased Over the Internet, Applying Knowledge of Individual Component Installation and System Upgrades:
    • Selection, Purchase of High-End Hardware
    • SCSI and IDE Drive Installation (Hard Drives / Optical Drives / Magnetic Disk Drives)
    • Installing Individual Components (AGP / PCI / ISA Cards, I/O Ports, Memory, etc.)
    • Upgrading / Component Replacement
  • Experience with High-Resolution Scanners, Printers, Digital Video / FireWire, Video Digitizing Systems, Editing Decks, Non-Linear Editing Systems, Frame-Grabbers and Digitizer Tablets

  • Computer Systems Administration
    • Selection / Purchasing of Necessary Software
    • Software / Operating System Setup and Installation
    • Enabling Usage of Multiple Operating Systems on One Computer
    • Driver Installation and Configuration
    • System and Software Configuration / Optimization
    • System Maintenance
  • Independent Studies and Practical Applications of Various Software Packages and Operating Systems:
    • Windows NT / 2000 / XP Professional / Workstation / Server
    • Windows 95 / 98 / ME
    • BSD UNIX / Linux
    • FTP Serving and File Sharing
    • Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / Premiere
    • Aldus / Adobe PageMaker and QuarkXPress
    • Working with Templates
    • Lotus Notes
    • Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Various Programming Languages in Various Development Environments:
    • C / C++, CGI in C / C++, Pascal / Delphi, BASIC, JavaScript, Java Using Various Editors and Compilers
    • Able to Apply Knowledge of Generalized Structured and Object-Oriented Programming Quickly and Effectively to New Languages as Needed
  • 3D Modeling / Animation Environments
  • Able to Apply Knowledge of Generalized Program Operation Quickly and Effectively to Learn New Software as Needed